Visiting Lone

Our sales representative for the Norwegian market is named Lone. She has been with Nordal for the past nine years and she lives not far from the Nordal Head Office, in a small village close to Horsens in Denmark. The house is 155 m2 big and very functionally designed for a family with three active kids.

She shares her home with her boyfriend and their three children, two 10-year old girls and their 13 year old big brother. The family has lived in their cosy yellow brick house for 13 years.

Even though they have neighbours on both sides of their house, the view of their garden is very open and airy, and it continues out over endless fields with horses and farms.

One of Lone’s favourite Nordal products is the large white storage cabinet ‘Countryside’ she has in the kitchen. It measures 148 cm wide and is made out of elm wood. It has both glass doors and glass sides which enables the light to come inside. A perfect piece to showcase your most beautiful dinnerware, glasses, vases and more.

You can get some more inspiration on how to use your cabinet here: Structured style in the cabinet.

The black and white take-away mugs are made out of natural bamboo fibers. They are dishwasher safe, apart from the rubber lid.

The cooker hood in the kitchen is the perfect place to display a small gallery of the kids drawings. They are attached with butterfly magnets, which come in both light green and pink.

In the living room, the sofa table is another one of Lone’s favourite Nordal pieces. She likes how the design of the surface is raw, which gives a rustic contrasting look to the otherwise rather elegantly shaped table. The table top is made out of plywood with a concrete coating, the legs are mango wood. It measures H43 cm and 75 cm across.

Lone is using our popular desk lamps in the bedroom as bedside table lamps. It creates a bit of an industrial feel in the bedroom as it is made out of mango wood and copper, and the metal also brings warmth to the decor.

The girls have decorated their rooms in their favourite colours. Whereas one has chosen the more traditional pink, the favourite colour of the other one of the girls is mint green. The metal chair and stool is from a previous Nordal collection, the sheep skin comes in an array of different colours. The sheep skins are really versatile, and they will make any space more comfortable and cosy.

This smaller sized white shelf in the boy’s room is the perfect display shelf for example for the current favourite caps in the collection. It measures L80 cm. The larger shelf is from a previous Nordal collection.

Written 27/04/2017 by Nordal