Visiting Rikke

Rikke has worked at Nordal for nine years. She is our Nordal representative in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Rikke used to live in Germany previously but relocated back home to Denmark after starting with Nordal. She still visits the countries she works with two days a week to keep in touch with our partners and clients there.

Rikke shares her home with her husband and four sons, two set of twins of 11 and 13 years. The house is old but completely renovated, around 110 m2 on each level and there is a basement, ground floor and a first floor.

The kitchen is designed in classic white and black, with neatly organised open storage solutions. The eclectic mix of pieces on the shelves helps the space look bright and open

This decorative glass dome with a star also comes in another version, with a Christmas tree inside. Both are battery driven, hence easy to place anywhere in your home.

The kitchen and dining area is open plan, which is perfect when you have a large family.

The wall hung oven from Morsø in the middle, connects the two spaces beautifully.

The funky wooden Christmas tree can be used like this inside but it is also really suited as an outdoor decoration. Have a look here, how it is used at Kirsten’s place.

The dining table is an heirloom and really practical for this big family as it can be extended to fit up to 14 people during the festive gatherings. The wooden chairs have been covered with lamb furs, to make them extra soft, comfortable and warm during the winter time.

The black metal cabinet from Nordal contains all the family tableware and china. Placing extra storage in the dining area is a really good idea.

The small paper ball decoration on the door can be used all year around. We recently created a starry sky with some of these paper balls in a kids bedroom, look here.

Rikke has used a small vase as a holder for her calendar candle from Nordal. Getting to light it every day during a meal together with the family, makes for a nice moment counting down to Christmas.

The gold shelf mounted in the living room is styled with picture frames, decorative storage boxes and smaller plant pots. Here you can see how it can also be used as a make up storage.

The large corner sofa has room for the whole family. The sofa table is from one of our previous Nordal collections.

The sofa table is decorated with Rikkes home made Advent wreath made out of poinsettia flowers, on the bottom part of our popular Nordal etagere. You can find instructions on how to create this for your own home, here.

The TV cabinet from Nordal is also made out of black metal. Thanks to the glass front, you can use the shelves to display your favourite things, but without any dust getting to it.

Rikke has been decorating for Christmas by adding glass Christmas trees and large paper stars in many places across her home, like here in the windows of the living room. These stars come in gold, white and black colours.

She has also decorated outside for the holiday, with a wooden star and big lanterns. She has used pine cones to make a Christmas tree and a wreath for her front door.

Written 11/12/2016 by Nordal