Visiting Signe

We are visiting Signe Nordal, product developer and creative director of Nordal. She lives together with her two daughters Smilla, 15, and Bjørk, 11, their two dogs Frida and Storm and the cat Buddha in a lovely red brick house in the Danish countryside.

It is built on a slope, situated with fields on two sides, and trees on the others which makes the garden feel like a private and peaceful oasis. The family enjoy the tranquil location and all take joy in participating in outdoor activities as walking, running and exploring in the nearby forest.


The house was originally built in 1984 and the layout of the house was planned in detail to make the house functional for the whole family. The two daughters have their bedrooms in the basement and there is plenty of common areas for everybody to hang out. The many quirky interior design choices are truly inspiring with the eclectic mix of Nordic and Eastern decor. The style is both bohemian and luxurious, antique and trendy at the same time.

The feel of this house is anything but boring, every room has unexpected pieces of decor. Signe’s favourite room is the family room, which is used for many different activities. Not only is the family enjoying their meals at the dining table, but it is also used for homework, arts and crafts and other creative projects. Both the daughters love to craft.

The family room is simply the heart of the house, or at Signes says, their playroom. She feels that the high ceilings in the family room, gives her space both physically and mentally to think bigger and for her inspiration to grow. The Scandinavian style is truly emphasised here by the exposed rafters in raw wood, the wooden floor and the exposed raw boards.

The furniture in the family room is sleek and simple, the only designer items in this room are the Wegner Y-chairs around the dining table. The dining table itself is from India and made out of old railway sleepers, one of the many quirky items in the house that has a touch of the East.


The kitchen is made up out of two parts, one where you cook, and a small nook where you can sit and eat or just hang out. The small covered sofa in the kitchen is a favourite spot both with the family and with their friends. The cosy and pleasant atmosphere it creates seems to instantly attract anyone who enters the room to come and sit down. The kitchen elements are made of black lacquered oak and the table top is from Corian.

The bathroom has epoxy floors and contrasting quarry tiles. The theme with the black lacquered oak continues in here with the wall hung bath room piece made out of that same material.

The family is frequently using their garden which is well designed to fit in with the surrounding natural area and the forest. They love to spend time outside, both in the summer and in the winter. There is a huge terrace built along one side of the house so you have many different choices of relaxation spots. There is always somewhere to find sun or shade, all depending on what you are looking for.

Written 18/06/2016 by Nordal